The people of Laramie demand the following:

   A motion to adjust the City of Laramie’s and Albany County’s 2022 budgets to reallocate funding from Laramie Police Department (LPD) and Albany County Sheriff’s Office (ASCO) to community-oriented social programs listed within the City of Laramie’s Community Partners.
    In addition, presentation of an external assessment of poverty in Albany County to identify exactly where LPD and ASCO funds could be most equitably utilized.

•   A motion to dissolve the University of Wyoming Police Department (UWPD) and reallocate all UWPD funding towards costs encountered due to the return of students during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

•   An update to City Ordinance 9.08.020 that adds the focus of bias incident reporting in order to give citizens a more accurate depiction of discrimination occurring in Laramie, even if bias incidents are not punishable by law. 

•   A motion to present a City of Laramie ordinance that requires the timely publication and specific contents of Laramie Police Department Annual Reports. Each report must include goals for the Laramie Police Department, training regiment, and racial demographics of public interactions with police.

•   A motion to demilitarize Laramie Police Department and Albany County Sheriff’s Office through limiting their everyday accessibility to and use of paramilitary gear and equipment.
     In addition, a motion to eliminate the ability for LPD and ACSO to fund access to paramilitary equipment through grants or government surplus programs.

•   Allocation of Laramie Police Department and Albany County Sheriff’s Office funding to a local 24/7 phone line for mental health crises, domestic/sexual abuse, suicide prevention, and other social services that do not require armed police response. 

•   The immediate resignation of Sheriff David O’Malley due to his negligence in handling the 2018 murder of Robbie Ramirez, his continued employment of serial killer Derek Colling, and his department’s mistreatment of multiple victims of sexual assault.

•   Establishment of joint City of Laramie and Albany County legislation to expand the contents of City of Laramie Resolution 2020-38 to include Albany County Sheriff’s Office and its budget.

 Elimination of the paid suspended leave of any Laramie Police Department or Albany County Sheriff’s Office employee under investigation.

•   Immediate establishment of a hiring freeze and replacement freeze in the Laramie Police Department and Albany County Sheriff’s Office to reach a decrease in total officers. 

•   A formal apology from Assistant Chief Robert Terry for blatantly expressing his unwillingness to enforce Laramie's excessive smoke ordinance.