Our current petition calls for the disbandment of the University of Wyoming Police Department.Click here for UWPD Dissolution petition.

Laramie Human Rights Network also supports the petition in favor of the decertification of Derek Colling. (Created by Albany County for Proper Policing).

Click here for Decertification petition.

Anti-Racism and Community Resource Education

LHRN supports and facilitates both Anti-Racism and Community Resource Education. Discussions are posted through Facebook and Instagram Live (links above).

In addition, LHRN encourages individuals to check out the National Resource and Education Tool for more materials to learn from.

Click here for the National Resource and Education ToolClick here to check out the anti-racism educational videos from LHRN

Voting Out Non-Supportive Elected Officials
Our mission includes voting out elected officials who seem unwilling to hear Laramie's concerns. We won't accept any official responding with dismissal rather than consideration.
LHRN and the community commit to continually expressing productive civil disobedience in order to express our power and be heard. March days and details can be found on our Instagram linked above (@laramiehumans).