Laramie Human Rights Network is a grassroots movement invested in promoting social, racial, and criminal justice in Laramie and across Wyoming. What started as demonstrations to stand in solidarity with the disproportionate number of Black and Brown victims of rampant police brutality across the nation has since evolved into a progressive community unit that is dedicated to helping address problems within the social and judicial institutions of Wyoming that are upheld by antiquated policies that no longer serve the people to their best ability. We demand reform, accountability, and transparency throughout our local and state government.

          LHRN was formed in June of 2020 as marching demonstrations to stand in solidarity against police violence raging across the nation, particularly the brutal murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Since then, we have expanded our efforts towards fighting for justice for Laramie’s own Robbie Ramirez who was shot and killed by Albany County Sheriff’s corporal Derek Colling in November 2018. Beyond that, we are focusing on implementing social and financial reform within the Laramie Police Department, Albany County Sheriff’s Department, and the University of Wyoming Police Department.

          We continue to say the names of Elijah McClain, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Riah Milton, Dominique Fells, Robbie Ramirez, and the countless other Black and Brown bodies that have fallen victim to the most dangerous gang in the United States, the police.

          We won’t stop until it stops. As always, the power is with the people.